25 Best Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys (with Screenshots)

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Before Facebook Dating launched, Hinge was the first dating app that utilized dating prompts.

Dating prompts are questions that users fill out when creating their profiles. They’re pithy, probing, and take the anxiety away from constructing a killer profile from scratch. 

Without a doubt, Hinge is the preferred dating app of my clients. Unlike other dating apps, Hinge isn’t designed to addict users. Rather, its slogan, “designed to be deleted” speaks to the app’s ethos. So just how is this app different from others?

Its main selling point is that it will only connect you with friends of your Facebook friends. In this way, every person that pops up on the app has been screened. It plays on the old fashioned way of meeting partners through friends and simply “appifies” the practice -but this isn’t the app’s only boon. 

My clients like that the app prods its users into substantially filling out their profiles. They also enjoy the Your Turn” feature that gently reminds users to respond to conversations that have went dead. The app claims that its feature has reduced ghosting by 25%. And it doesn’t hurt that democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg tells supporters at rallies that he used Hinge to meet his now-husband. 

As if all these reasons weren’t enough to convince you to use the app, let’s circle back to arguably Hinge’s most effective feature.

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The Benefits Of Using Hinge’s Prompts

Generally speaking, if Facebook copies your idea, it’s probably a safe bet that the idea in question was effective. In this case it’s Hinge prompts.

If the prompts weren’t available, men and women would be left to put together a compellingly written profile with no help. As experience has shown us this will often lead to users refraining from even writing a profile, instead choosing to leave profiles blank. Hinge prods users into filling out a substantial profile by forcing them to respond to at least 3 prompts. 

But not any prompt will do. If enough users use the same prompt, the efficacy of that prompt wanes. Try choosing an underused prompt that will elicit a like. 

With an arsenal of over 80 shiny prompts to choose from you must be wondering -which prompt should I be using? Let’s run through the best Hinge prompts and prompt responses that offer the highest likelihood of receiving a like.

Hinge Prompt Questions

-I’m Looking For…

-Unusual Skills

-The highlight of my day is usually…

-Believe it or not, I…

-A shower thought I recently had

-A life goal of mine

-A random fact I love is

-A social cause I care about

-All I ask is that you

-An overshare

-Best travel story

-Biggest risk I’ve taken

-Change my mind about

-Dating me is like

-Do you agree or disagree that

-My mantra is

-Don’t hate me if I

-Fact about me that surprises people

-Give me travel tips for

-I bet you can’t

-I geek out on

-I get along best with people who

-I go crazy for

-I know the best spot in town for

-I recently discovered that

-I want someone who

-I won’t shut up about

-I’ll brag about you to my friends if

-I’ll pick the first part of the date, you pick the second

-I’m convinced that

-I’m overly competitive about

-I’m weirdly attracted to

-Ideal first date

-If loving this is wrong, I don’t want to be right

-I’ll fall for you if

-I’ll introduce you to my family if

-I’ll know I’ve found the one when

-I’ll know it’s time to delete Hinge when

-My most irrational fear

-I’ll pick the topic if you start the conversation

-I’m a regular at

-I’m the type of texter who

-Let’s debate this topic

-Let’s make sure we’re on the same page about

-Most spontaneous thing I’ve done

-My Love Language is

-My biggest date fail

-My greatest strength

-My ideal fake sick day

-I take pride in

-My simple pleasures

-My most controversial opinion is

-Never have I ever

-The one thing I’d love to know about you is

-One thing I’ll never do again

-Qualities I’m looking for in a plus-one wedding date

-Something that’s non-negotiable for me is

-Suggest a date if

-This year I really want to

-The hallmark of a good relationship is

-The dorkiest thing about me is

-The best way to ask me out is by

-Teach me something about

Best Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys

The best Hinge prompt responses are the ones that elicit a like and a comment. Typically the type of Hinge responses that will get you the coveted like and comment fall into these three categories: 

-Witty Prompt Responses

-Genuine/Heartwarming Responses

-Unique Prompt Responses

-Specific Prompt Responses 

Let’s run through examples that pertain to each category in order to dissect why these prompt responses are deemed to be of high quality.

Funny/Clever/Witty Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys

Witty Hinge Prompt Responses #1: A Combination of LOL and Intrigue

witty hinge prompt answer

To be famous or rich used to be the standard response to this question. But nowadays, if you don’t have a Wiki page, it’s doubtful that you’re either. This response is classified as witty because the user shows that he’s hip to the times. It’s also original. Too many people would write rich or famous, but this user gives us details. He doesn’t just want to be recognized, but he wants to be recognized to the extent that he has his very own Wikipedia page. 

Funny Hinge Prompt Responses #2: Can’t We All Relate

hinge prompt responses for guys

A Hinge prompt response is about building a bond. Everyone, literally everyone shares this silly fear. Being able to build a connection with someone through a simple prompt is powerful and not every user is able to pull it off. When penning your prompt, always try to make your response relatable, but not cliche. 

Witty Hinge Prompt Responses #3: If It’s Not Relatable, But At Least It’s Funny

hinge prompt responses for guys 222

Of the millions of Hinge users, not a single other person will identify with this risk. But it doesn’t matter. It might not be relatable, but it sure is funny. And while not one other person can claim a similar event as the biggest risk they’ve taken, they sure can resonate with not wanting to eat non-ethical products. 

Funny Hinge Prompt Responses #4: When Spam Winds Up In Your Inbox

hinge prompt responses for guys 222

For those who don’t know, West Elm is a furniture company that according to one user, won’t stop sending him emails despite his best efforts. This is a lighthearted dare that many people will relate with. Having one’s inbox bombarded with unwanted email is a daily occurrence for thousands. There’s no doubt that this Hinge prompt response will generate a few likes. 

Funny Hinge Prompt Responses #5: Danger Danger

hinge prompt responses for guys 5

This user is taking a risk here. All users should want to put their best foot forward on dating sites and apps. If they’re going to boast about their money or skills, they should back up their claims with pictures and specifics. While some women might find this response humorous, many more will find it vain. When possible avoid being braggadocios. Selling yourself is one thing, but the quality of the product you’re selling must be corroborated with evidence. 

#6: A Genuine LOL

hinge prompts

We’ve all seen this user before. He’s the guy that you point out to your friends and most likely called an idiot. It’s nice to know that after the fact he realized his mistake and never again publicly shamed himself by wearing flip flops at a bar. This Hinge response works because every female has seen such a man before and can commiserate with him. 

#7: Everyone’s Up For A Challenge

how to answer hinge prompts

When it comes to making bets with strangers, you’ll always want to keep these lighthearted. I have no doubt that after reading this, dozens of women made the attempt to lick their elbows. It’s these same women that also liked this guy’s prompt and are now on their way to enjoying a first date full of jokes and elbow licking. 

#8: I Laugh Because I’m Freaking Terrified 

how to answer hinge prompts

There are cute ways to respond to this prompt, and then there are ways that will never make you want to get into the water again. This response is a good one, but it might not convince her to like your prompt. While it’s a fear that many people can identify with, sharing a common fear of something as obviously terrifying as a saltwater croc isn’t the type of commonality that makes people bond via dating apps. 

Genuine & Heartwarming – Warm Fuzzy Hinge Prompt Responses

A woman will only go out with you if you can make her feel comfortable. There’s no better way to convey that you’re a non-threatening dude than by penning a warm response. Want a first date -write a heartwarming response that lowers her guard. 

Genuine Hinge Prompt Responses #9: Don’t We All?

how to answer hinge prompts

It doesn’t get more basic than this. This guy’s speaking to me. A chill partner that makes dorky jokes is something everyone wants. This user speaks my language and therefore wins a like. 

Heartwarming Hinge Prompt Response #10: I Can See It

how to answer hinge prompts

The message this user conveys without explicitly saying it is that he wants a woman that isn’t judgemental. He wants to be in a relationship that is more receptive than it is critical. This response also tells us that the user is down to earth and has enough humility to be able to laugh at himself. He conveys all this while providing the reader with a nice bit of imagery to fantasize about. 

#11: TRUTH

hinge prompt responses

Here we have another message that says so much with the use of an image. This guy wants someone that’s humble and realizes that they still have the potential to grow. Asking for help whether it be personal, professional or what have you, is an attractive feature. It means that this person doesn’t let their fear or conceit hinder them from growing as an individual with the help of others. 

#12: Get With The Times

hinge prompt responses

Dating a bad boy was so high school. Hinge tends to have an older, more educated user base. That means that female users will be more interested in dating a complete gentleman rather than a callow young 20-something that still blacks out every Friday.

Another point that must be noted is that each prompt is bait. Every prompt response is its own unique bait that attracts a certain audience. The prior prompt is really only trying to attract women that like good dudes. Be aware of the audience you’re targeting with each response.

Genuine Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys #13: Moms Would Approve

honest hinge responses

Position yourself as the guy that she’d want to bring home to her parents. In other apps such as Tinder, such a line might not work. But this is Hinge, the app that’s designed to be deleted. Positioning yourself as a good dude that’s simply looking for everlasting love will get you the kind of feedback you desire. 

Unique Hinge Prompt Responses

Unique Hinge Prompts #14: Make Her So, “That’s So Cool”

Stand out. Whether it be Hinge, Bumble, or Happn, this is your mission. There are thousands of other dudes meandering around the app attempting to steal her attention away from you. Do you know how you win her over? Telling her that you used the rest of your student loan money on a Hawaiian vacation post-graduation is one way to do it. 

#15: Edgy

unique hinge responses

Generally speaking, you’ll want to avoid being sexual in your profile. This prompt can be read in two ways. One is that the hallmark of a solid relationship is sex. The other is that the hallmark of a good relationship is a strong emotional connection. The ambiguity might be enough to get her to like your profile, or it may turn her off. When in doubt, keep it catchy, but void of sex. 

Interesting Hinge Prompt Response #16: Wow.

This person is a different breed. With 1 in 5 Americans currently labeling themselves as smokers, it’s safe to say that many more have at one time puffed a cancer stick. Never indulging in a poison that knowingly gives us cancer, despite many millions still doing it is impressive and for many is worth a like.  

Unique Hinge Prompt Response #17: Keeping It Real

unique hinge prompt responses

Too many people treat dating like a full-time job. Sure if you’re MegaDating you’re dating various women at the same time, but prolific dating doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to be blase with the process. You should only go on a date if you’re excited to meet the person on the other side of the screen. Not fully committing to open up to the person across from you is a waste of both yours and her time. 

#18: Let Us Fantasize

We know this isn’t true, but we appreciate the fantasy. How awesome would it be to go on a first date abroad? You can use these whimsical responses only if the woman reading it knows that they’re hyperbolic prompt response. 

#19: Who Doesn’t Want To Know This Person?

interesting hinge prompt responses

Even if the female user doesn’t find this guy cool enough to date, she’ll at the very least want to mine him for his knowledge. Pitch yourself as a cool guy that every woman would want to meet. When responding to a Hinge prompt always use positive language that makes you seem like the life of the party rather than a dull guy that likes to spend his Friday nights binging The Office. 

Specific Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys

You’re not going to attract every single woman on the app. Hell, if you could would you even want to? Hinge doesn’t have filter options like other apps. This means you’ll have to use Hinge prompts to tailor your message to specific types of women. With specific responses, you’re not trying to attract as many women as possible, rather you’re zeroing in on a unique user that you have a greater likelihood of connecting with. 

Specific Hinge Prompt Responses #20: Grab Your Passport

With this message, you’re appealing to the type of person that wants to quit their job and travel the world. The keyword in this prompt response is “excessive.” In this day and age, everyone likes to travel -or at least they say they do on their dating profile. Without the word “excessive”, this profile would be dull. Excessive traveling tells the female user that you aren’t content with just spending a week in Cancun every other year. This response also works because it’s a status symbol. 

#21: Does It Get More Specific Than This?

specific hinge prompt responses

This is the type of profile that will gross out the majority but will appear super attractive to a select few. And for the author of the prompt, that’s just fine. I recommend making one prompt in your profile, super-specific. The fact of the matter is that you aren’t compatible with everyone. There are only so many people that you can see yourself dating.

This user wants to spend his free time geeking out on thermodynamics. This is a specific hobby that only resonates with so many women. He knows this but isn’t willing to settle for anything less. Honestly, even women that might not be interested in the aforementioned things might be attracted to the profile because it makes the user seem like a nuanced and unique individual, something that most profiles fail to portray. 

#22: Make Us See It

The more boring response to this prompt would have been, “A fun girl that likes to dance.” This user doesn’t settle for non-specifics, instead, he tells us in detail what he’s searching for. 

Specific Hinge Prompt Responses #23: Nope, Nope, Nope

If the previous message can be praised for its detail, this one can be admonished for doing the exact opposite. What would a better version of this response look like? “Most things” is an image that’s difficult to wrap one’s head around. Even if the user wrote, “billiards, bowling, and teeth brushing” it would have been a more compelling response than “most things.” The specifics is how you’ll set yourself apart from the competition. 

#24: Umm… Duh

You get what you put into the app. If this is all you wrote, it’s doubtful anyone genuinely fun will respond. What does a fun person look like? Do they skydive, go to baseball games, or ding dong ditch their neighbors? Spell out what fun means and that person will appear with time. 

#25: This Is How It’s Done

This guy’s practical and sage. A quality first date should end with a TDL for a second date. This is exactly the response that women want to hear. 

The Worst Type of Hinge Responses

We’ve outlined the good, the acceptable, and the spectacular. 

Now it’s time for a bit of the opposite. 

To become a master online dating you have to not only have a detailed understanding of what greatness looks like but of what utter disaster looks like as well. 

The following types of Hinge Responses should be avoided at all costs if you ever intend on meeting a lovely lady from Hinge. 

The Two Word Response 

A two-word response is a great way to ensure that you’ll forever be alone. 

Don’t get me wrong, being succinct is crucial on dating apps where women spend on average 3-5 seconds before making their decision. Thing is, if you don’t stand out you’ll get swiped aside. 

Put effort into your responses. Create first, second, and third drafts before posting. Thousands of women will see your profile. That means every new woman that views it grants you a new chance to make a first impression. Take advantage of this by putting a bit of effort into your profile, or you’ll receive no likes

The Cliche Response

Cliches are rampant on dating apps. It’s not only cliche sayings that are highly visible but cliche likes and dislikes. 

For example, how many times have you heard of someone boasting about their love of tacos on Hinge? At this point broadcasting your love of tacos has become as cliche and hallow a response as when people answer the prompt, “I’m looking for…” with “someone fun.” 

Saying you’re looking for fun on a dating app is like saying you’re looking for ice cream in the freezer — what else could you possibly be looking for?

Ditch the cliche and instead put as much detail into your response as possible. Instead of saying that you’re looking for fun, why not tell us what fun looks like to you? Is fun rock climbing Joshua Tree or doing a polar plunge in the Hudson? 

You may fear that providing specifics will cancel out a lot of women. If she isn’t into diving headfirst into the Hudson in January you fear she may turn you down.

Here’s the thing, you can’t win them all over and you shouldn’t want to. You should only be trying to attract women that you’re attracted to. Using specific answers on your Hinge Responses filters out women that aren’t right for you. 

When in doubt, specify, make her see who you are. 

The Hyper Sexual Bro Response 

Damn girl, you make that n-95 look like an n-100. 

Sure it’s funny, but will it help you get a woman, meh probably not. Unless the response you’re responding to is, “What’s your favorite pickup line?” this is a response best swallowed. 

Being overtly sexual is the best way to make women scatter like a flock of seagulls after hurling bricks of fudge at them. It might also get you shadowbanned. Women like sex too, they just don’t care for the overt overtures online. 

A Hinge Response isn’t the right place to talk about your penis size, make jokes about sex, or proposition someone. Unless you’re a urologist you probably shouldn’t be talking genitalia (and even then). 

Don’t start turning up the heat until you two are on a date IRL. Until then keep talking about who you are – except if who you are is a dick, don’t talk about that. 

Best Hinge Prompt Responses for Guys: Wrap-Up

Hinge makes filling out your dating profile easy with prompts. But prompts (and your lineup of Hinge photos) only act as the wingman. To reel in a keeper, it’s up to you to pen a compelling response. 

If you want more ideas regarding how to craft a quality response as well as what to message girls once you match, check this out. 

If you’re committed to finding a worthy romantic partner, you may need more than a badass Hinge profile.

You might need more than dating apps. 

What you might need is a coach and/or matchmaker. That’s where my team and I come in. 

Watch my webinar today to learn more about our coaching programs and matchmaking services. 

If you’re interested in our services, feel free to book a new client Zoom session with me or one of my other coaches today! During the intro session we’ll discuss your roadblocks, create a strategy, and see which one of my services might be right for you!

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